My Story

Hi, I’m Isha and I would be honoured to walk alongside you on your journey of healing – but first, let me tell you a little about myself. I was born and raised in a small town in Northern B.C. and have resided in the Lower Mainland since 2012. I am the youngest of three, and am a first generation Indo Canadian.

At a young age, I recognized the struggles and hardships family members experienced both as couples, but also as individuals. I witnessed the pain they silently endured, and the arguments that arose due to miscommunication. Later in life, I recognized it was not just my family, but everyone around me in some shape or form was struggling emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually or mentally.

I naively wanted to support everyone, and glue back the broken pieces. But through my life journey and inner growth, I’ve discovered those who are ready to heal will eventually gravitate towards healing.

I feel blessed to see the world through both a Canadian and Indian cultural lens, and my lived experiences of cultural diversity have helped me to appreciate the uniqueness of every person’s story and to accept them for who they truly are.

Welcome to Counselling with Isha

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors. I have a Masters of Counselling Psychology Degree and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminology.

Professionally, I have worked in non-profit, private and public mental health sectors. Through exposure with diverse populations, I have gained skills to work closely with youth and adults with suicide risk and managing mental health crisis situations.

Over the years, I have gained additional training to specialize in anxiety, depression, trauma, family and couple’s therapy- which extends to family conflict, life stressors, domestic violence and relationship issues.

I offer counselling in both English and Punjabi to youth, adults, couples and families.

What is Counselling?

Sometimes we have thoughts we do not want to share with anybody. We have experiences nobody could begin to imagine. We have been brave and strong but also tired and defeated.
Processing childhood experiences, past traumas, abuse, or day to day stress begins with the comfort between you and your therapist.

Counselling is an opportunity to sit in a space without feeling judged. It is your sacred space to express yourself freely without apologizing. You will make meaning of your life and grow closer inwards. Your patterns/behaviours will be understood with clarity. You will gain the power to change, accept and love pieces of yourself.

My Approach To Counselling

I, too, have been a client in a counsellor’s office and know that reaching out for support can feel unfamiliar or intimidating. As a client, and also a counsellor – I believe the most important aspect of counselling is the therapeutic relationship.

I work from various counselling approaches and alter my therapy style as each human being is unique and deserves to be seen for who they are.

Naturally I live my life through an Adlerian lens (even before I knew what Adlerian Therapy was). This means I will collaboratively work beside you, in a strength based and goal oriented approach. We will explore the close relationships in your life and areas which you are feeling discouraged in. There may come a time where we will explore your childhood experiences, and the inner dialogue you have with yourself.

I feel honoured to be a part of your journey and will do so in a non-judgmental and trusting environment. I can promise to provide genuine care and to bring my true self to our sessions. 

Counselling Modalities


Adlerian Therapy


Adlerian Family Systems


Attachment Therapy


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Gottman’s Couples Therapy


Mindfulness Based Somatic Therapy


Spirituality & Relaxation

Values & Philosophy

My philosophy is simple. “You hurt, I have been hurt, you feel sadness, I feel sadness, I am human you are human. Let’s be human together” (Isha) 

Mental Wellness Is For Everyone